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BMW’s 5-Series Gran Turismo

BMW’s 5-Series Gran Turismo is placed to be replaced in 2017 by a sleeker, sexier product widely expected to be badged a 6-Series. Backing this particular up is the sighting of the prototype with a window upon its sticker describing this a 630d xDrive.

Electric motor. es reports that more powerful versions are planned, such as some M Performance products. According to the Spanish website, the actual range-topper will be an M650i xDrive M Performance product equipped with the same powertrain since the M550i xDrive, in this case the twin-turbocharged 4. 4-liter V-8 delivering 455 horsepower as well as 480 pound-feet of torque to all four wheels.
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The M650d xDrive is also reported to be in the works but most definitely won’t be offered in the usa. This model is said to be having BMW’s quad-turbocharged 3. 0-liter inline-6 diesel, good for regarding 394 hp and 561 lb-ft of torque.

Curiously, Motor. es is revealing that BMW will offer a minimum of three different plug-in mixed-style models. They will reportedly include 630e, 640e and 650e iPerformance models. The 630e ought to feature the 248-hp powertrain of the 530e and the 640e should get the 322-hp set up of the 740e. It’s cloudy what BMW has prepared for the 650e but it is actually a version of the Power eDrive system shown in 2014.

Look for the debut from the 6-Series GT to take place about mid-2017. Key rivals would be the Audi A7, Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon and Volvo V90.

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